CRAZY SISTA - Food, Fun, & Lifestyle
by Lucy "LuLu" Buffett

Crazy Sista Cooking: Cuisine and Conversation with Lucy Anne Buffett” is the next best thing to being there. Inside you’ll find laugh-out-loud anecdotes, wit and wisdom from Lucy’s own kitchen, festive party menus, Buffett family favorites, and plenty of telling it like it is.

In this book, LuLu has gotten it all down on paper, with great recipes for food that comes with history.  It is hopefully a guide to turning your own kitchen into a coastal watering hole for an evening, whether you’re in Gulf Shores or Gloucester, Pensacola or Portland.  It’s all about the makings of a good meal with great friends in the beautiful setting of your choice, where for an hour or two you too can forget the troubles of the day and be a child of the coast.  Bon Appetit.

Jimmy Buffett  
Sag Harbor, New York

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